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McDonalds- PR Gold

TALLfore. I love that companies that are huge are big because they followed basic marketing rules.  I came across a blog on Communication Overtones about learning PR at McDonalds.  First of all, have you ever thought that you could go work … Continue reading

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PR on the brinks of a change

In a post on PR Studies blogging site, Recession Proof PR, I was reading about the affect of the recession on the PR industry.  It was interesting because it was one of the first posts I have seen that look … Continue reading

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Who is part of the media?

Have you ever actually wondered who the media is?  Sure we are exposed to the radio, television, newspaper everyday, but is there something beyond that?  On PR Squared I found a posting that discussed who exactly the media is composed of. … Continue reading

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Social Networks and Word of Mouth

TALLfore It is crazy how fast news can travel.  Trenton (the “T” of TALLfore) sent me an article about the power of Twitter.  This article was linked to WordPress but originated from the CEO’s journal entry on Thomas Nelson Publishers … Continue reading

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