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Visual Storytelling PR’s Hottest Trend

The evolution of the media landscape has changed the way public relations works in many companies. Brands have now transitioned from depending solely on traditional media outlets to producing their own customer-focused content and news through journalists and PR professionals … Continue reading

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VR+AR+PR = Storytelling on Steroids

Today, we discuss the creeping, unstoppable forces that are virtual and augmented reality. Quick rundown — virtual reality and augmented reality are not the same. In fact, these facets couldn’t be more polarized. Virtual reality is an immersive experience where … Continue reading

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SXSW Signals Future of Storytelling

From humble roots as a charming music festival in Austin, Texas, South by Southwest has grown into a massive two-week showcase of innovation. Technological innovation in particular has become a huge part of the festivities. At the 2016 iteration, its … Continue reading

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Blogging Vital to Client Storytelling

Aly Saxe, founder of Iris PR Software, returned to her alma mater, Arizona State University on Sept 21 to speak with current students. In her public interview at Must See Monday with Reynolds Visiting Professor of Journalism Entrepreneurship Alan Lobock, … Continue reading

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Publicity vs PR

So I came across a post on Seth Godin’s Blog called “The Difference Between PR and Publicity” and found it extremely interesting. I guess I have never really sat down and thought to myself that maybe these two words could … Continue reading

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PRWeb in Plain English

The best presentations are those that tell a story and relate to an audience at an emotional level.  Often PR practitioners propose solutions or ideas that will ultimately result in positive outcomes.  By incorporating unique creativity into a presentation, the … Continue reading

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What Does a Logo Say About You?

There is a lot of emphasis put on storytelling in PR.  So how do you tell a story?  Can a logo tell a story for you?  I think it really depends on how you decide to display your logo to … Continue reading

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Photography and the connection

On Garr Reynolds’ blog, Presentation Zen I found a presentation by David Griffin, photo director for National Geographic. Griffin shares some of the most astonishing and most famous photos published in National Geographic and discusses how photography can dramatically tell a story. Whether … Continue reading

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