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McDonald’s Adds Diploma to Employee Perks

McDonald’s made great PR moves in March when it flipped the Golden Arches upside down to form a “w” in honor of International Women’s Day. Now, McDonald’s announced that it is tripling its college tuition benefits for its employees through … Continue reading

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Starbucks Stands Up & Out In ‘Upstanders’

Starbucks may be known as the home of the Frappuccino, but the global coffee giant has also positioned itself as a brand that values digital storytelling as a medium to bring communities together. Corey duBrowa, Starbucks’ senior vice president of … Continue reading

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HoHoHo #RedCups or HoOhNo

The holiday season is back and in full force. It’s almost as if the clock struck midnight on Halloween and we woke up on Christmas morning. Whole Foods has Christmas lights up, Target welcomes you with red and white-checkered throw … Continue reading

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PSL Tumblr: Fans in a Froth Over Pumpkin Portal

It’s September and you know what that means…it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season. Americans’ love for the PSL is so strong and so widespread—I wouldn’t be surprised if fall officially became known as PSL season in the not-so-distant future. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Fake News: Good or Bad PR?

Over the years, I’ve learned to take anything I hear on “April Fool’s Day” with a grain of salt. So I wasn’t surprised to scroll through my Facebook newsfeed on April 1, 2011 and see various posts about incoming babies, … Continue reading

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Crowning Burger King as coffee royalty

McDonalds has been at the forefront of industry trend setting for fast food franchises across the world. They practically invented the system. From the predictable menu combos that you can order from the employees that are trained with robot like … Continue reading

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