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Paying a Price for Friendly Persuasion

Her name is Victoria. Victoria is physically fit, sports brown hair, lives an active lifestyle, and is popular on Instagram. You’ve never met but you feel some sort of connection with Victoria, given she’s from your hometown. Victoria is a … Continue reading

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Is Dove Stain Permanent?

In a recent Facebook ad for Dove Body wash, a black woman is seen removing her brown blouse and as she does so, a white woman in a cream colored top is revealed. . The ad is a three-second gif … Continue reading

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Disappearing messages in 10 seconds or less?

Should we be looking at Snapchat as a PR tool? Snapchat is an app-based service that allows its users to send messages that delete themselves after 10 seconds or less. The time period before the photo self-destructs is up to … Continue reading

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