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‘Crawl’ How-To Tips Can Hike SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes websites more visible in search results. With the right mix of keywords, links and consistent posting, companies can boost their search ratings and generate more website clicks. The result? Potential new customers. These are all … Continue reading

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Spelling Out SEO Trends

To better our futures as public relation practitioners, we must start to analyze changing marketing and PR trends. In an article in PR Newswire, Sarah Skerik said “search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the last couple years, and now offers … Continue reading

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Search Engine ‘Bombs’

This week, Politico reported that the Daily Kos, a left-leaning blog, was attempting to derail 98 House Republican candidates’ election bids by digging up controversial news stories about them and then asking the Daily Kos’ readers to link to and … Continue reading

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Search Engines Add Social Media

When a consumer wants to learn about a new product, sale, business or boutique, where is the most obvious place he or she would look for information? I am pretty confident that most people would Google it. Or perhaps use … Continue reading

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Easy Tips on SEO

Everyone in the world of journalism, whether print or online, should have an idea about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and if they don’t, they are far behind the curve. SEO is the process of acquiring volume or quality of traffic … Continue reading

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Own Your Conversation

A few weeks back our class had the priviledge of hearing a lecture by SEO guru Vanessa Fox.  While speaking to us via Skype, Fox discussed several companies that failed to make themselves known through Google.  As Fox explained, it’s … Continue reading

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I Better Learn This Before Someone Steals My Job…

Considering my PR Campaigns class just had a lecture on SEO with Vanessa Fox, I thought this would be fitting. It seems that more than ever we are hearing that companies need to do everything in their power to get … Continue reading

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Weekly roundup

The Agency started out the week by discussing viral video, prompted by this PR Squared post. In that post, Todd Defren pointed to a satirical sendup of the viral video phenomenon, but The Agency sees nothing humorous in the concept. … Continue reading

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