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Millennial Tastes Key to Diet Coke Reboot

In early January, Diet Coke announced a new PR campaign in an attempt to attract Millennials to the soda. This “attraction” comes in the form of slimmer, taller cans and new flavors. The rebranding is a complete makeover for the … Continue reading

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Slings and Arrows of Rebranding

In mid April, Colorado officials and state tribal leaders jumped on the Native American PC bandwagon and came to the agreement that Native American mascots should be removed from public schools unless the tribe and school can come to an agreement. … Continue reading

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Barbie’s Looks Diversify Image

Barbie is every girl’s favorite doll and a name associated by some as the “ideal image” of a woman. Barbie debuted March 9, 1959 and for decades her image changed only slightly. She wore updated clothes or maybe appeared with new … Continue reading

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ABC Family Getting a Makeover

ABC Family, a popular Disney-owned television network, announced that beginning in January 2016, it will changE its name to Freeform. ABC Family president Tom Ascheim said the company is rebranding to suit its shifting target audience. The network is switching … Continue reading

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Sweating The Message

Rebranding is a constant occurrence in the public relations industry. A company or product in business for a long time will usually rebrand every so often in order to grow their audience. The goal of rebranding is to create and … Continue reading

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