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Fore! Woods Continues Ride on PR Roller Coaster

Tiger Woods’ career was defined by massive success and glory until a Black Friday car crash in 2009 that sparked one of the most infamous public relations disasters in sports history. Woods’ failed to control the damage to his reputation … Continue reading

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Exercising Your EIQ Vital to PR

According to Travis Bradberry, author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, there are four competencies to assess one’s emotional intelligence quotient (EIQ). These four competencies, categorized under personal competence and social competence, are: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. In his … Continue reading

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Shifting Role from Practice to Practitioner

Nearly every profession has some sort of professional association, from safety engineering to surgery, and yes, even public relations. The Public Relations Society of America was created in 1947 to help advance the PR profession through professional development, a code … Continue reading

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Guinness Record Holder Wins Attention

In the style of a true PR professional, Dave Farrow uses his Guinness World Record as an opportunity for relationship building. According to an interview with Forbes, Farrow developed a memory technique in order to help him cope with his … Continue reading

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CMOs Still Out of Digital Loop

In early November, PRSA posted a link to the upcoming webinar on The Digital Transformation that discusses how technology changes the marketplace and impacts PR. “Technology is driving a digital transformation in the Public Relations industry — and this is … Continue reading

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Using social media effectively

As future PR professionals, knowing how to use social media is essential to our field. The question is, do we really know how to use social media effectively? A recent study has shown that nearly 70 percent of businesses are … Continue reading

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Ethics 2.0

Do you remember when the PR department had one major pitch strategy—press releases to the media? The answer is, probably not. Why? Because the newest group of PR grads and first-timers (that’s us!) has grown quite accustomed to the idea … Continue reading

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Twitter for those of us that haven’t jumped all the way on the wagon

I have to admit that the Twittersphere is still a little intimidating to me. I know, I know, if social media were a class I would probably be failing the participation part. Last semester, the Phoenix PRSA chapter hosted a … Continue reading

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There’s No Reprint in PR

It wasn’t until after I completed the required editing class at the Cronkite school that I became grateful.  As strenuous and tedious as the class was, it taught me how to pay extreme close attention to detail.  The class prepared … Continue reading

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Social media and its effect on PR

While different versions of social media are being born daily, what we do as PR people still remains the same.  As many of us noted in our, “What is public relations?” discussion on the first day of this semester, PR … Continue reading

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