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How to use images poorly in slides

As we near the end of the semester, I will occasionally post links to good (and bad) examples of slide presentations, tools and tips for developing presentations. I’d also like to remind you that you can also use this blog … Continue reading

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Upcoming Presentations: Fear or Fun?

So, we all have these major presentations right around the corner.  According to my classmates this fact is very big and scary.  For me, the presentation isn’t the scary part, that’s when I get to shine.  I don’t mean to … Continue reading

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Tom Peters on Presentations

Being able to give a strong presentation is one of the key factors to pitching a PR campaign.  There are quite a few amazing public speakers out there for us to learn from, Tom Peters being one of them.  I … Continue reading

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PRWeb in Plain English

The best presentations are those that tell a story and relate to an audience at an emotional level.  Often PR practitioners propose solutions or ideas that will ultimately result in positive outcomes.  By incorporating unique creativity into a presentation, the … Continue reading

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Ten Easy Steps to Presenting

  Putting together a powerpoint presentation for the purpose of promoting an idea or campaign can be quite daunting if you don’t know what your doing.  With little time, you have to sell yourself in the best way possible, making … Continue reading

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The Art of Presenting

 After hundreds of times going in front of a group, whether small or large, I seem to always get an intense amount of stage fright overwhelm me at the very thought of a presentation.  My normally calm, outgoing self always … Continue reading

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Presenting the world's stories

In the last two weeks of class, we have talked about effective presentations in preparation for our client presentations at the end of the semester. And I have to say, I wish I had known about ted.org sooner. Browsing through … Continue reading

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Presentations that Engage: Caleb Chung, Pleo the Dinosaur

As I was searching through TED.org I came across a recent “talk” by Caleb Chung, a well-known inventor of interactive children’s toys such as the Furby. Recently, he launched a robot named Pleo that is an functioning, walking, responding, trainable … Continue reading

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