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Brands: Be Bold or Stay Safe?

Patagonia. Pepsi. Airbnb. Nike. What do they have in common? They all took a political stand on a topic through their websites and advertisements. Did they all succeed? Nope. The past few years have bubbled with controversial topics and debates due in part … Continue reading

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Twitterverse Talks Politics

As many tuned in to the Democratic debate Oct 13, it’s likely safe to assume that a majority also opened up our Twitter feeds. Both during and after debates, viewers take to Twitter for the latest updates on the debate, … Continue reading

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Actions speak louder than words

With less than a month until election day, the presidential candidates are strapped for time. Assuming we have all caught CNN at one point or another over the last couple weeks, we have probably heard the insults and the “he … Continue reading

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Election season and the bipartisan PR practitioner

Surfing the net for a daily fix to satisfy my addiction to the fast-approaching presidential election, I happened upon a blog post by Richard Laermer on Bad Pitch Blog — PR, Politics & The Politics of PR. In it Laermer talks about the need for PR … Continue reading

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