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Media Doom ‘Peach’ to Pits?

Proclaimed by news outlets, such as the Huffington Post and Tech Crunch, to be the next big social media hit, Peach creators had an anticipated success. But, almost one week after the media were singing Peach’s praises, they began spinning … Continue reading

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What’s Next, Post Twittersphere?

In a June 12 blog post, Steve Goldstein, editorial director for PR News, made the bold statement that Twitter could be on its way out. His question to readers was simple: what will we, as PR practitioners, do without it? … Continue reading

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‘Paper’ App Sidesteps PR Presence

On Feb 3, Facebook launched a new media-reading app called Paper. It’s designed to ease the task of keeping track of the latest headlines, photos and video by putting the content into one user-friendly app. The day after Paper launched, … Continue reading

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NY Times Launches Digital Subscriptions

In attempt to salvage lost revenues from online advertising, The New York Times began its digital subscriptions Monday, March 28, for full access to its website and mobile service content. According to the Associated Press, the third-largest U.S. newspaper will … Continue reading

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What We Should Take Away From Blogs

I thought this current post from PRSA was perfect for our final week of blogging this semester.  As students we are often expected to do assignments that we may feel are unnessessary, especially if we have many lingering assignments that … Continue reading

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Are social media sites the new connector between crisis news and the public?

It is so crazy for me to think that many people get their news from social media sites now rather than actual news sites. Its not like they are only using the social media sites, but it is more of … Continue reading

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