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McDonald’s Adds Diploma to Employee Perks

McDonald’s made great PR moves in March when it flipped the Golden Arches upside down to form a “w” in honor of International Women’s Day. Now, McDonald’s announced that it is tripling its college tuition benefits for its employees through … Continue reading

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Copper Topping Tests Mac’s Mettle

It’s not pink slime nor dark meat nuggets that are pushing McDonald’s into the limelight this time, but rather molten copper. That’s right, molten copper is the new buzz surrounding McDonald’s food. It’s not in the food nor used in … Continue reading

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Chains Scramble #AllDayBreakfast

A couple weeks ago, a colleague wrote about the much anticipated #AllDayBreakfast campaign–McDonald’s latest attempt to reverse sliding sales. As of Oct 5, the all-day breakfast menu has finally arrived, ushering in a new era of breakfast-menus and lots of playful … Continue reading

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Billy’s Beef with Burger King

Billy Eichner is best known from his appearance at the Emmy awards alongside Seth Meyers but originally gained popularity through his show “Billy on the Street.” On the show, he conducts over-the-top interviews of random people on the street. The show … Continue reading

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Crowning Burger King as coffee royalty

McDonalds has been at the forefront of industry trend setting for fast food franchises across the world. They practically invented the system. From the predictable menu combos that you can order from the employees that are trained with robot like … Continue reading

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PR lessons learned from working at McDonalds

I came across this post from 2006, What I learned about PR from McDonalds, written by Kami Huyse from the blog, Communications Overtone.  Huyse recounts her teenage years of working at the fast food restaurant and what those years taught … Continue reading

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