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Activist a Hypocrite in Weinstein Probe?

According to The New York Times, Harvey Weinstein, co-founder of Miramax and Weinstein Co., has arranged at least eight sexual harassment settlements.  Through its investigation, the Times found records of these allegations spanning three decades. Who is Weinstein? He “has … Continue reading

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Measuring Media’s Value a Tough Task

The world of print media is dead — or so we have all heard — during the last several years. For those in public relations, this also means finding alternatives to media clipping and, ultimately, media value as a form … Continue reading

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Outing Identity Leads To Lethal Consequences

Essay Anne Vanderbilt, scientist and aerospace designer of the Yar Golf putter, was found dead in her home in Gilbert. Cause of death: Suicide. Vanderbilt’s revolutionary club, dubbed the Oracle GXI, was said to change the nature of the game … Continue reading

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‘Paper’ App Sidesteps PR Presence

On Feb 3, Facebook launched a new media-reading app called Paper. It’s designed to ease the task of keeping track of the latest headlines, photos and video by putting the content into one user-friendly app. The day after Paper launched, … Continue reading

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Stalking people? No it is just Foursquare

Have you ever walked into a new restaurant hoping that it will be delicious, but you did not know what to expect? Or, have you ever gone to a concert and thought, “I wonder if I will run into anyone … Continue reading

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2-Year-Old Finds iPad Easy to Use

The iPad is not only for teens and adults, according to Mashable.com two-year-olds can use them too! What is our world coming to? Two-year-olds are playing with  apps like Dr. Seuss on the iPad. When I was growing up I … Continue reading

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Twitter plays detective role

No one knows what the future may bring, however we can tweet about our thoughts. Twitter has been populating the Cronkite School like a wildfire.  Twitter has opened business opportunities for many and and recently reunited  Austin Horse and his … Continue reading

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A career change into PR

Ever imagine how many people apply for the same job as you? You know you go in and tailor your resume to fit the description and put the effort into making your cover letter apply to the position as well. … Continue reading

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Is Journalism dying? And is PR going with it…?

We all have heard the “talk” going around that journalism is struggling. Being in the j-school, we constantly are brainstorming new business models to keep the industry alive. Is online taking over print? These are the questions we are repeatedly … Continue reading

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Can Journalism and Social Media Coexist?

Since I have been at the Cronkite school, I can’t help but feel like I don’t belong in the j-school. Some say that public relations has no place in journalism. However, I came across a new site that says news, … Continue reading

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