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Fantasy Sports Sites Facing Gamble

If you’ve watched any sporting event (or any televised production, really) in the past six months, you know about DraftKings and Fan Duel. For those living under a rock, DraftKings and Fan Duel are online daily fantasy sports sites that … Continue reading

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Gaga’s ‘Art’ Spews Green Slime

Lady Gaga is promoting her controversial new album “Artpop” across the U.S. Controversy surrounds the project and some say she has gone too far in efforts to blend art and pop. During her performance at the South by Southwest Music … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods and his PR mistakes over the last couple months…

Over the last couple months, one of the most admiring athletes in America, Tiger Woods, took a big fall with all of his cheating controversies. He went from being the most popular in the golfing world, to the most popular … Continue reading

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