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Three’s Company

As a senior the Wednesday before Spring Break usually goes something like this: “I’m soo ready to get out of here, I need a break!” Well, if you were in David’s PR Campaigns class this morning the feelings were more … Continue reading

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Take a nap, get ahead.

  A new study released today by HealthDay News reveals that taking a mid-day nap can increase your brain’s ability to remember things. Now to me, this has always made sense. I have always been a fan of afternoon naps; … Continue reading

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Self Advertising for Jobs: Clever or Creepy?

As more than a few of us are approaching graduation, the stress of landing a job after May is enough to get anyone’s heart beating a little bit quicker. I for one, tend to spend at least an hour of … Continue reading

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Before you accept that first PR job…

A few days ago I met my PRSA mentor for the first time.  As we got to know one another, she asked about my career goals.  I have a pretty good idea of where I want to be in the … Continue reading

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Landing that Dream Job you've Always Wanted

Congratulations seniors, you’re a few weeks away from being a college graduate.  Maybe you’re one of the few who found their dream job straight out of college.  Chances are, with the way the economy is going; you’re not one of … Continue reading

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Congrats You're Graduating! Now What?

To all of the PR students graduating this semester and to those past graduates, congratulations. This is a time to celebrate that you will never have to write another term paper again or take another mid-term exam (except for you … Continue reading

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Be Cool, Go to School!

Now that my senior year is dwindling down and graduation is just around the corner, I have been asking myself, ‘what’s next?’  In Seth Godin’s blog, What is School for?, he lists all the reasons why people go to school.  … Continue reading

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