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‘Crawl’ How-To Tips Can Hike SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes websites more visible in search results. With the right mix of keywords, links and consistent posting, companies can boost their search ratings and generate more website clicks. The result? Potential new customers. These are all … Continue reading

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Voice Devices Channel PR/Marketing Messages

As the digital marketing and public relations space becomes more and more saturated, communication specialists are looking for innovative tactics to reach customers in an impactful way. This has been true from the invention of radio to the dawn of … Continue reading

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What’s Next, Post Twittersphere?

In a June 12 blog post, Steve Goldstein, editorial director for PR News, made the bold statement that Twitter could be on its way out. His question to readers was simple: what will we, as PR practitioners, do without it? … Continue reading

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Google Tells Users Avoid ‘Glasshole’ Tag

Google has been in the news this week for giving Google Glass users etiquette tips for using the high-tech device. While there are many positive aspects about the revolutionary technology, there have been some repercussions about the use of the … Continue reading

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Could ‘Android KitKat’ Melt Reputation?

Google unveiled its new Android mobile operating system, Android KitKat, Sept 9. Since 2009, Google has named their Android operating systems after desserts. They started with Cupcake and moved through the alphabet. Android KitKat, the latest sweet title is the … Continue reading

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Is Google Books’ Court Decision Fair?

A federal court decision rejected a settlement on Tuesday, March 22 among Google, the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild over the search engine’s full-text scanning of copyrighted books citing doubts that Google would make every book searchable online … Continue reading

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Search Engines Add Social Media

When a consumer wants to learn about a new product, sale, business or boutique, where is the most obvious place he or she would look for information? I am pretty confident that most people would Google it. Or perhaps use … Continue reading

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University of California stops using Gmail over security concerns

Every time I open my computer, the first thing I do is check my Arizona State University e-mail, from Gmail. I like to think that Google is one of the most reliable websites. To me, my e-mail is one of … Continue reading

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Who is the gatekeeper of you (and me)?

The power of Google is difficult to fathom. According to searchenginewatch.com, an estimated 91 million searches are done each day through Google alone (This study is nearly three years old and I figure that stat is much higher now). I … Continue reading

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Marketing and Public Relations, are they interchangeable?

Like many of you I am going to be a college graduate in December. I will soon have to spread my wings and get a big kid job. Therefore I have been looking for jobs lately and I feel like … Continue reading

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