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Office Friendships Aid Teamwork

There is an array of skills to master in order to be considered a true public relations professional including management, research, social media and communications. Still, one-on-one internal communications often takes a backseat. “I’m not here to make friends,” is … Continue reading

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Edelman Calls for Global PR Compact

In September, the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) ruled PR agency Bell Pottinger unethical and unprofessional. The agency is now banned for five years from PRCA. According to The Guardian, the PRCA received a complaint from an opposition party in … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Paints VW as Villain in Emissions Misfire

Greenpeace, an international organization acting to promote peace and environmental protection, recently launched a social media campaign meant to attack Volkswagen on their response to the emissions scandal. The campaign highlights a smoke-breathing pumpkin emblazoned with the VW log and the … Continue reading

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Do Shoes Shape Your Destiny?

ABC King number one shoe store in Estonia, one of the biggest in Baltics started a fall campaign weeks ago called “Everything starts from the shoes.” However, the campaign’s oversized posters, outdoor print publicity and campaign materials has made many people … Continue reading

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#NYPDfail in Twitter Outreach

On April 22, 2014 the New York Police Dept. asked Twitter users share pictures of themselves interacting with officers using #myNYPD. The image accompanying this message depicted a man with his arms around two officers. The post seemed to have … Continue reading

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Outing Identity Leads To Lethal Consequences

Essay Anne Vanderbilt, scientist and aerospace designer of the Yar Golf putter, was found dead in her home in Gilbert. Cause of death: Suicide. Vanderbilt’s revolutionary club, dubbed the Oracle GXI, was said to change the nature of the game … Continue reading

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Baby Formula Scandal Exposes Questionable Chinese PR Practices

The Chinese milk industry is no stranger to scandal and the latest exposes the unethical side of Chinese public relations practices. This summer there were reports that the baby formula by Synutra International was linked to premature breast development in … Continue reading

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When to Say When: Navigating the morally ambiguous

My roommate, a self-proclaimed health nut, recently discovered the pro-high fructose corn syrup ads launched by the Corn Refiners Association. The night she finally watched one, she screamed my name for me to come in and watch. After it finished, … Continue reading

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Socially Responsible Communication Methods

About a week ago, PR News held a luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to honor those who had the best corporate social responsibility (CSR) communications in 2009. Some of the winners were Nickelodeon for Cause Branding Campaign, … Continue reading

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Young mother faces life-or-death situation

——————————————————————————————————————– Faith complicates a young mother’s life-or-death decision on lung transplant By Brigid Schulte Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Maribel Perez breathes in short puffs, panting almost, through a hole cut into her trachea and covered demurely … Continue reading

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