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McDonald’s Adds Diploma to Employee Perks

McDonald’s made great PR moves in March when it flipped the Golden Arches upside down to form a “w” in honor of International Women’s Day. Now, McDonald’s announced that it is tripling its college tuition benefits for its employees through … Continue reading

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UNC Failing Student Athletes?

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks would be interested to learn that a college essay written about her has gained national attention – and not for the right reasons. A student athlete at the University of North Carolina composed an atrociously … Continue reading

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What We Should Take Away From Blogs

I thought this current post from PRSA was perfect for our final week of blogging this semester.  As students we are often expected to do assignments that we may feel are unnessessary, especially if we have many lingering assignments that … Continue reading

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Looking for transparency

The Missouri University School of Journalism is now making Apple’s iPod Touch or the iPhone a requirement for incoming freshmen according to an article from the Missourian. The idea being that if students can hear lectures more than once they … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Public Relations

The idea of Public Relations in the United States is not the same everywhere else, but studies have found that an important common theme exists: social responsibility. This article on PR Conversations discusses the third edition of the book from … Continue reading

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