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Twitter plays detective role

No one knows what the future may bring, however we can tweet about our thoughts. Twitter has been populating the Cronkite School like a wildfire.  Twitter has opened business opportunities for many and and recently reunited  Austin Horse and his … Continue reading

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12 year old boy faces adult murder charges

******************************************************************* CNN.com reports: On a chilly morning in February 2009, state police found 26-year-old Kenzie Houk in her bed with a bullet though her head. She was eight months pregnant. The search for her killer ended with the most surprising … Continue reading

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The “Homeless American Girl” and Cause-Marketing

 In her post on Gable PR’s Blog, Krista Rogers writes about a controversial topic, which can teach us future PR pros a thing or two about cause-marketing. Has anyone heard this story yet? American Girl Dolls have come out with … Continue reading

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"Toxic Talk" in Social Media

While surfing around the blogosphere I came across a post by Crisisblogger Gerald Baron  about “toxic talk” in social media and whether its effects should be taken as seriously as they have in the past. The example brought to light was … Continue reading

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It is a sad fact, but money controls the world. People and organizations may try to fool us, but the ones that do not care about the bottom line will cease to exist in a capitalistic society. Public relations people … Continue reading

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We are PR Practitioners, Not Ambulance Chasers

Charlotte Risch made an interesting post  in last week’s Valley PR Blog, she claimed that PR practitioners may be the new “ambulance chasers” replacing lawyers, who were previously attached to nickname. The derogatory term, in short, is defined by TIME magazine as a lawyer who persuades … Continue reading

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"Horizon Management"

As a public relations senior at ASU, I can’t help but frantically question my career opportunities after graduation, especially considering the state of the economy. Comprehension.prsa.org  had a somewhat insightful post about the challenges of PR professionals at a time when clients … Continue reading

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PR and the public good

With so much emphasis on Public Relations as “spin,” only used to make bad situations appear better than they are, I found an interesting post about Public Relations being used to contribute to the public good. On the PR Studies … Continue reading

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Perception of PR Practitioners

I know that ABC PR recently published a post regarding how PR professionals are viewed and I wanted to delve into that a little further. I recently found a somewhat shocking article that discusses the negative side of PR. The … Continue reading

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