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AT&T Hangs Up Data Users

In October, several news outlets reported that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuit against phone giant, AT&T for misleading their customers on “unlimited” data plans. CNN money reported that the FCC said “AT&T ‘failed to adequately disclose’ the … Continue reading

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Sloppy Photoshopping Nails ‘Target’

How do you handle crisis communication? Just ask this retail giant. Target’s recent security breach triggered multiple press releases updating consumers on the steps the company launched to remedy the situation.  The company reached out to customers on social media as well. … Continue reading

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PR Woes Drain Energy from Power Drink

The FDA will now require energy drinks to be sold as a beverage, not a dietary supplement, after 13 deaths and a letter from 18 doctors and researchers. For more than a decade, drinks like Monster Energy and Five-Hour Energy … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen: The PR Nightmare

Unfortunately for CBS and the executives at Warner Bros. Television, Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen can’t seem to keep his mouth shut. Rumors have been circulating regarding growing tensions between Men producer Chuck Lorre and Sheen on the Men … Continue reading

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Another Scandal in Need of Crisis Management

In response to the previous post about Public Scandals and PR, there is yet another scandal circulating the media involving Brett Farve. You know, the quarterback who retired then decided he still wanted to play football so he un-retired. While … Continue reading

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Public Scandal and PR

Media consumers love to watch a star fall.  They eat up the mistakes of celebrities and sports professionals, and it can easily spiral out of control, unless there is a solid public relations crisis management campaign in place.  Lately, this … Continue reading

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University of California stops using Gmail over security concerns

Every time I open my computer, the first thing I do is check my Arizona State University e-mail, from Gmail. I like to think that Google is one of the most reliable websites. To me, my e-mail is one of … Continue reading

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Good PR for Jesse James?

I’m sure most of you have already heard the allegations of Jesse James cheating on Sandra Bullock. These allegations come at an awful time especially since Bullock swept this award season, and many would say she is at the peak … Continue reading

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Keeping up with Twitter

With the advent of Twitter, YouTube, camera phones and social networks, news, comments, audio and video of any event or incident can speed from one end of the world to the other, crisscrossing the Web a million times before any official statement from authorities, investigators or PIO’s reaches the public’s eyes.

How can a public relations professional or PIO ride this wave of information instead of getting smashed against the rocks in an information maelstrom?
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