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Japan, Nuclear ‘Fallout’ and Twitter

On Thursday, March 10, at 10:46 p.m. MST, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck off the northeast coast of Honshu island, Japan. The news broke and caught global attention immediately, not only because the event (initially reported as a magnitude 7.9 … Continue reading

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Stalking people? No it is just Foursquare

Have you ever walked into a new restaurant hoping that it will be delicious, but you did not know what to expect? Or, have you ever gone to a concert and thought, “I wonder if I will run into anyone … Continue reading

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Keeping up with Twitter

With the advent of Twitter, YouTube, camera phones and social networks, news, comments, audio and video of any event or incident can speed from one end of the world to the other, crisscrossing the Web a million times before any official statement from authorities, investigators or PIO’s reaches the public’s eyes.

How can a public relations professional or PIO ride this wave of information instead of getting smashed against the rocks in an information maelstrom?
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SeaWorld navigates rough waters after tragedy

Marine biologists and other experts have long sought to convince the public that an alternate term for orca whales, “killer whales,” is a misnomer based on a discredited myth that the animals kill humans. But the term seems vividly fitting … Continue reading

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We are PR Practitioners, Not Ambulance Chasers

Charlotte Risch made an interesting post  in last week’s Valley PR Blog, she claimed that PR practitioners may be the new “ambulance chasers” replacing lawyers, who were previously attached to nickname. The derogatory term, in short, is defined by TIME magazine as a lawyer who persuades … Continue reading

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Chris Brown- PR Nightmare?

By now I am sure that everyone has heard about the incident that allegedly took place between singers Chris Brown and Rihanna.  Was anyone else as shocked as I was when all we heard for a week after the incident … Continue reading

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