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Share a PepsiMoji Soon in 100 Countries

After a strong reception to their test campaigns in Canada, Thailand and Russia, PepsiCo is set to roll out their latest campaign “Say it With Pepsi” in 100 countries this summer. “Say it With Pepsi” is a campaign that is … Continue reading

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Coke Casts Obesity Blame on Exercise, Not Soda

Since Coca-Cola has been criticized for its contribution to the obesity problem in the United States with its seemingly endless supply of sugary drinks, the company launched a campaign aimed at redirecting the underlying cause for obesity. The campaign itself … Continue reading

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Sodastream: Bursting Soda Giants’ Bubble

Football fans look forward to one stellar event every year: Super Bowl.  It’s a matchup not only about football, but also parties, halftime shows, and multimillion-dollar commercials. Coca-Cola offered a touching commercial embracing different cultures; a concept that fits their … Continue reading

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Pepsi Trick A Treat

In lieu of post-Halloween festivities, what would be a Halloween without a little brand-to-brand fun? Although a little late in its arrival — Oct 31 to be exact — Pepsi delivered an ad that would shock the interwebs. Created by … Continue reading

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Homemade Orange Juice Comes at a Price

In Gerald Baron’s blog called Crisisblogger, he writes about the recent orange juice import ban and how it reflects a much larger crisis that he blames on government regulators in the United States. Coca-Cola, which also owns parts of Tropicana … Continue reading

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Pepsi to restrict caloric beverages in schools, but will Coke?

Over the past few years, many issues about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating right have become a concern across America, especially for children. Recently. Michelle Obama launched a nationwide campaign to fight childhood obesity called the “Anti-Childhood Obesity Initiative.” … Continue reading

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Soft drink giants go hard on advertising

While cruising in the car one beautiful day in Phoenix, I noticed a billboard that The Coca-Cola Company had paid to put up somewhere on Indian School rd. The advertisement portrayed LeBron James in all his glory approaching the rim … Continue reading

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