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‘Playlust’ Just a Risky Tactic?

What’s your next move? Lifebeat’s new campaign is all about taking the right actions before getting action. Lifebeat is a nonprofit dedicated to educating America’s youth (13-29) about HIV/AIDS. The campaign, created by Lifebeat and Spotify, promotes the use of … Continue reading

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What do we do? Follow the trends!

On the BadPitch blog, I found an interesting post all about following trends. By the way, if you haven’t starting read this blog yet, you should. It’s full of amazing and fun insight. Side note over. Anyways, the author of … Continue reading

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Pictures are worth a thousand words

As we enter the world of PR, it is very important to know what’s gong on not only in our immediate society, but the world around us. Whether you choose to practice PR locally or internationally, it’s important to be … Continue reading

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