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Technology becoming something to master

With social media becoming more and more a part of the PR profession, the mastering of technology is a must. With new advancements in technology happening everyday how is one to keep up with all of it? In a recent … Continue reading

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How to Doom a Career in PR

In Kristen E. Sukalac’s post, “I Haven’t Got Time” or How to Doom a PR Career, posted in the PR Conversations blog, she discusses ways that a PR professional sets themselves up for failure.  She says that while many PR … Continue reading

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Who is part of the media?

Have you ever actually wondered who the media is?  Sure we are exposed to the radio, television, newspaper everyday, but is there something beyond that?  On PR Squared I found a posting that discussed who exactly the media is composed of. … Continue reading

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Social Media, and Why It's Here to Stay

Over at my favorite PR blog, PR 2.0, run by my favorite blogger (so far) Brian Solis comes a great and informing article about the future of social media. We have all been talking about social media. Twitter, digg, etc. … Continue reading

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Blogging for riches?

TALLfore To begin with, I am thinking about blogging in general. My thoughts on blogging is that it is not for everyone, you really have to be good at writing and beyond that you have to be a compelling writer … Continue reading

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Why time is important… You always have enough if you try

In her blog post on PR conversations, Kristen E. Sukalac says, “Imagine if your family doctor said, “I’ve decided to specialize in cardiovascular disease, but I don’t have time to read the medical literature before getting started.” This quote I … Continue reading

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