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Miley Cyrus: PR Dream or Nightmare?

Even if you didn’t watch the 2013 VMAs on MTV, you still knew about Miley Cyrus’ “controversial” and “racy” performance. Miley’s string of questionable behavior  has captured international attention. Then her knack for headlines took off like a rocket the night of the VMAs and flew … Continue reading

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‘Petigram’ Latest Linkup for Pet Lovers

If your social media profile is flooded with pictures of your pet in various costumes or asleep on the sofa, there is now a space for all of that to be welcomed with open arms. Introducing Petigram, a social media … Continue reading

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Gaga’s ‘Tribe’ Trusts Edgy Manifesto

It’s not unusual for New York City streets to be crowded with people, but on this particular morning in Times Square, thousands gathered outside of the Good Morning America studios in anticipation for the one and only, Lady Gaga. On Aug 25, Lady Gaga’s fans, … Continue reading

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