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Mel’s Meltdown

This past July, Mel Gibson’s reputation took a major beating. Tapes were released on the Website in which he screamed at his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, while launching  a threatening, vicious and also racist rant. To date, there are six … Continue reading

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‘It Gets Better’ Campaign Launched in Wake of Teen Suicides

In response to the suicides of five gay teenagers within the last three weeks, sex-advice columnist and gay activist Dan Savage launched the “It Gets Better” campaign on Sept. 23.  The ItGetsBetterProject YouTube channel features nearly 500 videos; primarily of … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the Gulf: PR after BP

Nearly 650 miles of Gulf of Mexico coast line have been environmentally and financially devastated by what President Barack Obama deemed “a potentially unprecedented environmental disaster.” The oil-laden waters, fishing bans and social hostility of coastal towns caused a subsequent … Continue reading

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