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What's wrong with heels?

In a recent blog post on the Valley PR Blog Linda Vendevrede questions whether or not wearing “the highest of high” heels is beneficial in the PR field. She discusses how over the past 10 years heels have become higher … Continue reading

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Gaining Coverage in a Declining Journalism World

The Valley PR Blog recently reported that Brad Perry and Dan Davis of KTVK Channel 3 are no longer with the station, no reason has been given for their departures. Regardless, this only adds to the growing number of  job loss in the journalism industry, which is no … Continue reading

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We are PR Practitioners, Not Ambulance Chasers

Charlotte Risch made an interesting post  in last week’s Valley PR Blog, she claimed that PR practitioners may be the new “ambulance chasers” replacing lawyers, who were previously attached to nickname. The derogatory term, in short, is defined by TIME magazine as a lawyer who persuades … Continue reading

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