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The Digital Age

I read a blog this week that really got me thinking about how impersonal communication has become. We are living in the digital age when sending an email or a text message is preferred over communication in person. Well, this blog talked about … Continue reading

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Should company blogging have rules?

When we first started blogging for this class I wondered to myself if there were any type of rules or codes that I had to follow when blogging. Well this week one of my friends told me that the company … Continue reading

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Does PR Need Standardization?

Public Relations is a field that is slowly being recognized by more and more companies and professionals around the world. However, there is one question that the profession does face–whether it is completely legitimate or not. PR does not have … Continue reading

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Is it time to get "radical" about PR?

There is a new movement spreading through the PR profession, calling for a reinvention of traditional PR as we know it. Radical PR is trying to get away from advocating the two-way symmetric “normative” approach to public relations because they … Continue reading

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