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Tangled Webs, Tarnished Icons

John Feinstein said it best when he observed that “Joe Paterno isn’t a victim in the Penn State scandal; sadly, he is a part of it.” While everyone is talking about it, it’s unlikely many people have actually read the … Continue reading

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Royals Prove They Can Adapt to Change

Kate Middleton is making waves, but this time the gossip is not about her fabulous style choices or her perfect smile — they are about her refusal to eat peanuts and drink champagne during a royal appearance in Copenhagen. According … Continue reading

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Olsen Duo’s Branding Savvy Fashions Empire

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are iconic, to say the least, to my generation. We grew up wishing we led the charmed life of Michelle Tanner on Full HouseĀ and watched “To Grandmother’s House We Go” so many times we wore out … Continue reading

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Can Jensen Farms Survive Listeria Nightmare?

Health officials say as many as 16 deaths may be linked to the listeria outbreak detected in Colorado cantaloupes. According to the Associated Press, deaths in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Maryland and Texas can be linked to the … Continue reading

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Target: PR Triumph or Fashion Faux Pas?

On Monday Target launched its much anticipated Missoni line. Missoni, known for their eye-catching colorful patterns, combined their high-end pieces with Target’s moderate prices, to create a collection that was accessible to most everyone. As exciting as this was for … Continue reading

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