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‘Oreo Separating Machine’ A Sweet Success

Oreo has positioned itself as an innovator in social media marketing this year.  Who could forget the Oreo’s Super Bowl instant ad? Once again the snack food giant is trending with its “Oreo Separating Machine” video series.  Building from the … Continue reading

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Yellow Dyes Staining Kraft’s Healthy Reputation

Food bloggers Lisa Leake (100 Days of Real Food) and Vani Hari (Food Babe) have the attention of moms everywhere with their petition to convince Kraft to stop using potentially harmful dyes in their classic Macaroni & Cheese. The iconic … Continue reading

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‘Shootin’ B-ball’ Lyric Leads to Lockdown

Words are powerful.  They have the power to change perceptions, forge relationships and write the lines of history. A Pittsburgh high school student learned that words also have the power to shut down his school, or rather, one word: b-ball. … Continue reading

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