Linking SEO with PR

The common link between SEO and PR it is easy to identify. Both share the same goal of sharing their content with the target audience at the right time. Stone Temple PR’s  blog post explains how SEO can affect your client’s or organization’s goals, for better or for worse. But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is defined by Search Engine Land as the process of generating traffic from the free, organic or editorial search results from search engine platforms. These platforms include Google and Bing, which rank content based on the relevance to users.


SEO and PR commonly cross paths when a client’s website is linked through earned media placements. Links are used by search engines to find new pages and identify the relevance of a web page to a particular search. When using Google, the more links to high ranking sites, the more Google will view your content as important. If an article is written that includes the link to a section of a client’s website, it can be a strong signal to the search engine that your client’s website might be a good resource. 

Inbound Links

Inbound links are a vital component to any SEO campaign. Good points of resource are natural editorial links from high-traffic, authoritative websites. In order to earn these editorial links, your organization or client must post creative, engaging content. The second component to this equation deals with outreach for your client or organization. Increased exposure results in even more links to connect with your client’s target audience.

What should you link?

Even though links are a good resource to make sure your content is seen, it is also important to only link relevant keywords. Search engines want links to genuinely reflect the accuracy of the information that it is presented. Throughout the years, search engines have gotten better at identifying links that may be inaccurate to the content posted.

When linking your content, remember to link to relevant outside links — and not content that you think will get you more clicks.

So, how do you get the conversation started around your company or organization’s brand?

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