‘List of 10’ Can Inspire Storytelling Success

Storytelling isn’t just for journalists, it is essential to the practice of public relations. Every company and organization has a story to tell and that story is key to its brand, image, and reputation. But most importantly, a company’s story can create a personal connection with customers and clients.

There are many ways to tell a story and even more ways to form a story. There are endless tools for tapping into creativity. Different things work for different practitioners and different things work for different companies and organizations.

But what is known is that an emotional connection can forge a lasting connection.

Sarah Kay is a spoken word poet, whose Ted Talk has been viewed by more than five million people. Evidently, few clients, if any, expect a spoken word poem to tell the story of their business or organization. The important part of this talk is Kay’s route to creating a poem and the tools she uses for telling a new story all her own.

“Everyone can communicate in some way and everyone has stories that the rest of us can learn from,” Kay says during her 18-minute Ted Talk.

Kay shares her method of encouraging high schoolers to write poetry by making lists: 10 things they know to be true or 10 things I should have learned by now. The biggest takeaway is stepping outside of the box and outside of a comfort zone to truly understand what is already known and turn that into a story.

That’s what a PR practitioner has to take from every client: There is a story and there is something to be learned from it by publics about an organization or business.

Nothing comes from nothing, something had to come from something and it’s a practitioner’s job to help tell the story effectively — and in most cases — emotionally.

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