Spooky Season is Boo-tiful for Retailers

We all know during the holiday season, stores can get crazy busy and people can be a tad more irritable. With Halloween right around the corner, what does this mean for companies or retail stores? What does that mean for consumers?

Halloween Shoppers

According to 8 BIG Halloween Trends You Need to Know to Shape and Target Your Social Media Marketing This Halloween, “the average person planned to spend $86.13 on Halloween candy, costumes, and decorations. Not bad. To put this in perspective, the average family spends $5 per person celebrating Thanksgiving Day and about $75 celebrating the Fourth of July. So, as far as spending goes, Halloween is a mid-range retail holiday.”

Keeping this information in perspective, Halloween generates a pretty big holiday audience. So how do these retailers target their audience as years progress?

8 BIG Halloween Trends You Need to Know to Shape and Target Your Social Media Marketing This Halloween reports that people spend less money on candy and trick-or-treating decreases as the years progress. Instead, more people are spending money on costumes and home decor.

“Interestingly enough, even though more people are planning to spend money on decorations than on costumes, Halloween costume expenditures make up the largest share of Halloween spending, with $3.4 billion in revenue in 2017. That’s more than one-third of total Halloween spending! And costumes aren’t even the most popular category for Halloween spending.”

Companies that sell home decor or home goods could add simple touches to their marketing material, such as a picture with a mug that says “BOO” on it. Or perhaps a rug with deeper colors often related to Halloween. For example, look at the image below.

Here are some other examples of how retailers (Target and Pottery Barn) are using this information and changing a pace with their Halloween marketing tactics.

Another takeaway from this year’s Halloween trends is the need or want from consumers regarding gender-neutral costuming. It’s 2018 and whether you identify as male, female or transgender, the desire for gender-neutral costumes is rising.

“Of the $3.4 billion spent on Halloween costumes last year, $1.17 billion of that was specifically for children’s costumes. But for the past two years, the focus for both boys and girls has been on superhero costumes, relegating the former top costume choice of a princess to second place on the list of kids’ costumes. The trend toward gender neutral costumes pushes against the idea of traditionally girl or boy costumes. And it’s not really about girls wearing costumes intended for boys. It’s more about there being more female heroes from which to choose.”

Even if you do not sell costumes … promote gender neutral costumes and ideas! This means repining or retweeting from a costume designer or retailer may boost your following as a company or retailer as well.

Do you notice these trends? Is Halloween as widely celebrated as you thought?

For more trends and ideas on Halloween marketing you can visit, https://www.theshelf.com/the-blog/halloween-trends-halloween-marketing.

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