Does Taking A Political Stance Pay Off?

This fall, Nike introduced a campaign with Colin Kaepernick as its corporate face. Some may recognize Kaepernick as the professional football player who decided to take a knee on the field during the national anthem. Major controversy was and still is raised over professional athletes refusing to stand for the anthem as some see it as disrespecting the United States and their troops. Those who kneel believe this action protests police brutality and its injustice.

Colin Kaepernick

After the launch of this campaign, social media was filled with users burning their Nike apparel, showing they do not agree with Nike’s political stance and decision to publicly support Kaepernick and the movement.

Nike Cleats Burning

In this video, People Are BURNING Their Nike Products To Protest Colin Kaepernick Ad, the reporter discusses some background knowledge on the situation along with footage of civilians burning their apparel.

My question then is, was it worth it? Did Nike profit? Is it smart?

Nike says the Colin Kaepernick ‘Just Do It’ campaign is driving traffic and engagement. Nike’s stock price is up by one percent despite recent actions of the company. Of course, immediately after the release of this campaign stock prices plummeted but has greatly improved since then with more companies stepping out of the dark to show support.

“While improvement in the footwear business continues to be the focus for many investors (+10% in 1Q19), Nike’s apparel business is quietly posting impressive results,” wrote Susquehanna Financial Group in a note. Analysts there rate Nike shares positive with a $100 price target.'”

What do you think? Should companies continue to get more involved with politics?

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