Augmenting Consumers’ Reality

Augmented reality marketing is on track to trend with interest rising each day. Several brands are encouraging consumers to be more active in the technology world, sometimes even offering an incentive.

What does this mean for PR?

When discussing more social media campaigns, technology-based messages will need to be used. The hope is with augmented reality, PR messaging and communication will be more enjoyable and visually appealing to the audience.

From an article on, “Augmented Reality Now a PR & Marketing Reality” states “By superimposing computer-generated images onto smartphone cameras or other screens, AR blends the physical and digital worlds and allows users to shape their experiences. Pokémon Go offers the best-known example, but brands can apply more practical PR and marketing uses such as showing what furniture looks like the customer’s home or what clothing or make-up looks like on customers.”

AR will give the consumer more chances to feel unique when selecting a product or looking into aand will give more of a forward-thinking way to increase brand awareness.

What are the top AR trends?

According to

  • Branded selfies

The most common branded selfie used on app would be Snapchat. Giving the consumer ways to add images or pre-made text to their photos using a Geofilter is a trend with staying power.

  • Augment the product

Consumers are now able to see the product through their phone with an augmented piece or accessory for the product, serving multiple purposes for both brand and consumer.

starbucks shanghai coffee ar

  • Test a product digitally in a real environment

It’s now popular to give consumers the option of fitting furniture into their own space using their phone or other products with just a look through the phone screen.

It’s vital as PR professionals and consumers, or just your Average Joe, that we recognize augmented reality as a market trend and take full advantage of the opportunity to connect with its users.

Do you think this is a good way for companies to get involved with their newest consumer?

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