#WhoBitBeyoncé? Nets Attention

Tiffany Haddish has quickly become a lovable celebrity since her refreshing burst onto the acting and comedy scene early last year. But where her charisma has made the country embrace her, it’s that same charm that landed her in hot water. Haddish is now also known as the whistleblower of a bizarre celebrity mystery: Who bit Beyoncé?

During an interview with GQ, Haddish let slip that at a December after-party at one of Jay Z’s concerts, an actress allegedly bit Beyoncé in the face.

Haddish and The Queen on the night in question
Via Instagram

The Internet blew up the instant those words were published.

Twitter users put their personal investigator hats on and pulled up all of the receipts to narrow down the prime suspects:

Others employed the help of the U.S. Government:

While the great #WhoBitBeyoncé-gate of 2018 remains unsolved, this is a prime example of the power that big name celebrities exert over social media. Regardless of whether she knew how the story would mushroom, Haddish’s sole mention of Beyoncé’s name put her into a precarious position.

Should a story like this really matter? Probably not. But in this day of oversharing, what’s trending always trumps what’s important. To the Internet, Beyoncé trumps all.

Read the interview, do your research and let us know who you think bit Beyoncé.

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