Toys R Us: No More Fun and Games

Every kid longs for the day they get to wander down the aisles of endless toys, games and crafts at Toys R Us. Little do they know of the megastore’s lackluster performance which ultimately led to the closing of all of its U.S. stores.

What PR practice was Toys R Us lacking that may have triggered this downfall?

Toys R Us’ narrow focus made it a go-to spot for parents who needed to go toy shopping… and only toy shopping. But what about those who had to buy a toy, but also cleaning supplies, groceries and other everyday items? Busy shoppers can easily choose from a variety of toys at other retailers such as Target, Walmart, Amazon and more.

CNN Money explained that “it’s clear that big retailers that sell lots of different things are simply hoping toys are another draw to bring consumers in to the stores, as opposed to being the main focus.” 

While the store’s narrow focus helped it establish a strong brand, it did create a struggling relationship with its current and potential consumers. Although Toys R Us’ business practices may have sealed its fate long ago, how can other companies build and maintain a strong relationship with consumers? Entrepreneur explains that communicating, exceeding expectations, asking for feedback, connecting and showing appreciation is the recipe for relationship success. 


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