Making Personal Decisions Public

When a couple makes the tough decision to separate, they normally maintain privacy during the process. But when a celebrity endures the difficulty of a break up, their fan base (and others) turn privacy on its head. 

Via Twitter

Logic, the rapper, recently used Twitter to announce that he and his wife, Jessica Andrea, were getting a divorce.

Via Facebook

Actor Chris Pratt used Facebook to announce that he and actress Anna Faris are legally separating.

Via Twitter

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, both entertainers, announced on Twitter that they are separating.

So why do celebrities feel the need to inform their fans know about this personal decision?

When couples in the spotlight decide to split, fans and followers may draw their own conclusions as to the reasons behind the break up. Rumors of cheating and other scandals can arise and harmful speculation can damage carefully crafted careers.

Issuing a formal statement helps lessen the scandalous rumors. Being open and transparent can combat the issue.

In addition, it’s important for celebrities to maintain a relationship with their fans. Keeping fans in-the-know about a big decision makes them feel like they are valued. Glean Info explains that knowing for your fans, caring for your customers and nurturing the fandom are all effective ways for celebrities to maintain healthy relationships — at least with their fans.

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