Finding Common Ground

Right now, the political climate in the United States is heated. As communication professionals that potentially will work in an agency setting with various accounts and clients, it’s important to know how to develop effective messaging that can speak to both sides in a time of upheaval.

A client may want to take a clear side, so we must do our best to see and understand diverse perspectives to make the content relatable and agreeable to the target audience. But, what if a company or client wants to develop messaging that speaks to both sides and aims to unite them in a time of such angst?

REI, the outdoor equipment retailer, did a fantastic job at excelling at that very task. The current U.S. administration wanted to remove designations for public lands under the National Park Service and re-purpose the land for other, private uses. The outdoors are not a left or right issue, they’re a public, human topic that speaks to all regardless of political affiliation.


“Left Side | Right Side | United Outside” left me speechless. The message is clear, concise and effective. It reminds us all that throughout this period where many are looking for ways to draw lines, there is always something that we all share.

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