Brands That Tap What Women Want

In a world where women’s empowerment and equality are at the forefront of many conversations, it’s not surprising that brands are using their social capital to create dynamic campaigns with women as the target.  But how are they keeping the message fresh to actively engage their audience?  Some brands have accomplished the art of authentic campaigns better than others!

Right now, women’s relationships with brands are evolving and they expect more. They crave connection with the brand and their messaging.  In a Forbes article titled “How to Build Brands For and Like Modern Women” the author wrote about “the Female Brand Index.”  This index is used “to analyze how brands perform against ten of the most prominent feminine attributes that female consumers admire in brands:  Inclusivity, Assertiveness, Fairness, Persuasiveness, Helpfulness, Empathy, Transparency, Relatability, Authenticity, and Commitment.”

Based on these attributes, here’s a compilation of my favorite women-focused campaigns from 2017.

#BodyHero by Glossier

For the launch of their two new body products, Body Hero Daily Oil Wash and Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, Glossier’s created the #BodyHero campaign.  In an effort to start a conversation around taking as much care in choosing the products used on ones body as on ones face, this campaign also focuses on inclusivity. With five models stripped down and ranging in shape, size and skin color, they drive home the message that their body care products are truly for EVERY BODY!

With campaign ads blown up and placed on buildings and billboards in big cities across America, and props from many magazines including Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Shape, Glossier takes the cake for most authentic and inclusive body-image focused women’s campaign.

#ForceofNature by REI

#ForceofNature is REI’s genius woman-centered campaign aimed at making outside the largest level playing field on earth. In order to challenge the status-quo, REI made the decision to make women of all ages, races, sizes and gender expressions, front and center in everything they do for an entire year. Their commitment to not only close the gap surrounding the stigma of women and outdoor activities, but also to close the gear gap and to create a community for women to connect with other women outside is remarkable.

What is unique about this campaign is their authentic and diverse depiction of women in outdoor environments. Other campaigns tend to focus on the depicting women working out, or as “strong”, or “empowered.”  However, REI chose to take a different route. They chose to show inclusivity for every hobby, activity and experience that makes a woman happy and proud of herself.

#BumbleBizz by Bumble


The launch of #BumbleBizz brought women a safe place to help women network and find mentors in a more causal setting than traditional sites like LinkedIn. In an interview with Vogue, Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe shared the inspiration behind Bizz, that “networking is extremely masculine” and she wanted to change that.  Located in Bumble’s app along with their dating vertical and BFF vertical, Bizz works to level the playing field for women when it comes to making professional connections. Just like Bumble’s other verticals, women #Makethefirstmove on Bizz giving them the power to change their future in the palm of their hand.

Bumble’s campaign featured catchy slogans and memes using their well-known sassy and empowering verbiage urging women to challenge themselves and transform the way they network.

Some stand-out catch phrases included “Be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry” and “You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t swipe on.”

This launch and ongoing campaign to open the doors of professional networking to women through Bizz, was an ingenious next step for the already successful brand to give women the opportunity to make the first move in the professional world, a space usually dominated by men.

Here’s to brands that understand what women want.  Let’s hope more brands create some authentic and compelling campaigns in 2018 that will continue challenging the status quo.

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