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Toys R Us: No More Fun and Games

Every kid longs for the day they get to wander down the aisles of endless toys, games and crafts at Toys R Us. Little do they know of the megastore’s lackluster performance which ultimately led to the closing of all … Continue reading

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Addicted to Your Smartphone?

It’s easy to find yourself accidentally spending an hour or two just scrolling through Instagram or Facebook on your cell. But, did you know you could have a Smartphone Addiction and it may be affecting your psychological and physical state. … Continue reading

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Finding Common Ground

Right now, the political climate in the United States is heated. As communication professionals that potentially will work in an agency setting with various accounts and clients, it’s important to know how to develop effective messaging that can speak to … Continue reading

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The Art of Apologizing

Public relations professionals should always be on their toes in case a crisis hits. Companies will make mistakes, but is how you handle the problem more telling than the problem itself? In 2015, Apple Music announced its three-month free trial … Continue reading

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What’s Your Brand Story?

You might find yourself in a pattern of thinking that your budget isn’t big enough to produce the same calibre of work of brands like Apple, Nike, AirBNB and more that have begun successfully implementing storytelling techniques in their campaigns. … Continue reading

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Visual Storytelling PR’s Hottest Trend

The evolution of the media landscape has changed the way public relations works in many companies. Brands have now transitioned from depending solely on traditional media outlets to producing their own customer-focused content and news through journalists and PR professionals … Continue reading

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