Research Key to PR Success

The first step in any successful campaign is to make yourself aware and knowledgeable about all aspects of your client and their industry — this includes their background, their competitors and successful marketing strategies for their industry. This all requires research, everyone’s favorite past time activity.

Research isn’t always the most fascinating part of the job, but it does provide vital context and background for a successful campaign. As Mitchell Communications Group wrote on their blog,

“Public relations is an art and a science focused on finding the best strategies and tactics to accomplish a client’s objectives. This knowledge comes from a mix of experience, an understanding of the media and the client and quality research. Quality research is present at all stages of the public relations process.”

Understanding the power behind research and the impact it can have on your results are important. Anyone can survey a room, but how do you effectively communicate your results to your client? Breaking down your results into demographics, easy-to-understand charts and final conclusions help to provide the big picture for you and your strategies going forward.

This model, created by The Limn Group, illustrates the pyramid model, outlining various forms of research and how they aid the final evaluation.

Whether it’s a focus group, a widely-distributed survey or a carefully-targeted questionnaire, the ability to collect and disseminate information to your client is key. Understanding their business and market are essentials in order to best serve them.

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