Oscars Making All The Right PR Moves

The Oscars have taken matters into their own hands when it comes to 2018 nominations and they aren’t playing games.

James Franco attends
the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences’ Governors Awards on
Nov. 11, 2017.
Kevin Winter / Getty Images file

Amid all the sexual assault and harassment cases coming to light, James Franco’s past seemed to have snuck its way into one of the biggest controversies the industry is fighting this year.

In short, the 39-year-old actor was accused by five women of sexual misconduct before, during and after his 2018 Golden Globe win and nominations. One woman, in particular, was a minor at the time when Franco allegedly approached her inappropriately.

While Franco’s performance in the Disaster Artist was highly commended and awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, The Academy snubbed the actor when it announced the Oscar nominations.Yes, this may be a decision based on morality, but it is also in the interest of good publicity and here are the reasons why:

1) Boycotting
The Academy members may not risk nominees and guests refusing to attend the show. The #TimesUp movement has made the industry accountable for their role in this issue, and this ensures that they do not become the enemy.

2) Loss of Viewership
The Academy wants to keep and increase their viewership. If voting members show support for an actor involved in sexual misconduct, then they will be unable to retain and grow their audience.

3) Perception
Perception is everything. With existing controversies among the different award ceremonies, Academy members do not want audiences to associate them with this negative narrative.

Amidst this controversy, all eyes are on Franco rather than The Academy, and this is exactly what leadership hoped would happen.

With Academy members failing to nominate Franco, organizers have dodged a bullet or at least an explosive scenario.

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