Harnessing the Power of Insight Tools

Determining your target audience is often the first struggle during media campaign development. Luckily for public relations professionals in this era, many audience insight tools have been created to make that first step easier. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo provides insights into the most popular content online and the influencers sharing it. It can reveal trending topics as well as popular platforms where various content is shared. Simply type a keyword into the search engine, and watch as the most popular articles containing the word or term appears, complete with the platforms where they’re shared the most often.

2. CrowdTangle

CrowdTangle allows users to discover content, track keywords, track links, access historical data, and more. The site allows users to create alerts or weekly digests for themselves or their groups regarding the topics that are most important or useful to them. Overall, CrowdTangle is great for generating reports all in one place.

3. Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights is an extension of Facebook, where business profiles can see what demographics are viewing and interacting with their posts, including where most of their followers live and the topics important to them. This tool is useful because it also studies trends of your page to allow you to determine where your business is going.

4. Keyhole

One of the most popular audience tracking tools is Keyhole, a site that allows you to track hashtags, keywords or mentions across platforms. The site reports the number and content of posts, the reach, the number of users and the impressions. It will also show you related topics, or other search topics that the users of that particular hashtag or keyword are reviewing. One awesome part about Keyhole is that it also tells you the “sentiment” of the posts, so you can gauge the attitude toward the topic easily without having to manually read the posts.

Audience insight tools provide as much information and context about a demographic you could possibly ask, and should be used to the fullest extent. Not only is this useful for public relations professionals, but these tools can also be used in other fields such as marketing, advertising and entrepreneurship to derive insight into your clientele and the direction your organization or campaign should be taking.

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