Building Brand Awareness with UGC

You see it everywhere and probably don’t even notice it. Users create it, businesses use it. It’s the ultimate free content creator and brand promoter.

User generated content (UGC) generates traffic while boosting engagement with your audience. Let’s face it —  in many cases, your audience has the ability to market your content better than you can and to a broader audience beyond your reach.

According to a social media study, “64 percent of millennials and 53 percent of baby boomers want more options to share their opinions about brands, while other studies show consumers trust user generated content more than other forms of media,” reported HubSpot, a marketing software company.

Five ways to drive UGC among your audiences:

Hashtag Power

  • Hashtags allow an audience to connect with your brand through a unique tagline. Hashtags are easy for audiences to use and helps insert customers into the conversation. Hashtags give you the power to create a trend and develop a campaign. Many companies go viral with hashtags.

For example, Coca-Cola launched a #ShareaCoke campaign in 2016 that increased its soft-drink sales by two percent, according to a blog. The hashtag encouraged buyers to share the personalized can with their followers. The hashtag combined with the product created user generated content for Coca-Cola.

The Power of Storytelling   

  • Encourage customers to share their stories. Customers have the ability to share their personal connections to the brand through social media posts which can influence their followers. Research reveals that consumers trust UGC more than other forms of media.

If you look at the REI, Opt Outside campaign it’s all about storytelling. The Opt Outside campaign allows its customers to share what they have done with their day outdoors and the memories that they have created. The customers who participate are connecting to the brand while creating brand awareness on behalf of REI.

Create a Contest or Promotion

  • People love to win. By creating a contest for followers, it drives awareness to your brand. However, you must follow through on the contest promises.

Make sure you don’t follow the Sunny Co Clothing model! Try to estimate the reach of your promotion and the outcomes.