P&G Champions ‘Love Over Bias’

Olympics sponsor, Proctor and Gamble, expanded its successful campaign: “Thank you, Mom”  to “Love Over Bias.” Here is the short film developed for for the 2018 Winter Olympics:

Even though the Winter Olympics is still a few months away, this campaign has already earned coverage since its release:

Forbes contributor, Lee Igel, discussed in an article how the campaign not only develops a strong message, but “it does at least as good a job in conveying a lesson about business management—namely, in the area of corporate social responsibility.”

Blogger Mariah Moon, from “The Simple Parent”, wrote a collaborative article with P&G in which she discusses how she is worried about a “body image bias” having an impact on her children who are “much bigger than other kids their age.” She also created a social media post for the campaign:

In another blog post from Brian Pacheco via GLADD, he discussed how this new campaign champions LGBTQ acceptance and included Olympic Silver Medalist, Gus Kenworthy’s, story about his coming out to his mother. In the article, Kensworthy stated his mother had “unconditional love and support,” which helped him pursue his dreams. Here is the video that Pacheco included in his article:

The “Love Over Bias” campaign has not only been featured on blog websites, but it has also gained popularity on social media. According to KeyHole, #LoveOverBias has a reach of 2,293,865 and 2,542,581 impressions. Here are some of the top tweets for #LoveOverBias from a variety of influencers, including Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin via Keyhole:

Since influential individuals are promoting this campaign, it is proof that it has already been successful by its significant reach– even before the start of the Games. It will be interesting to see just how this campaign flourishes in the time before, during and after the 2018 Winter Olympics.

When developing campaigns, it is important to see the potential for evolution and growth. It was a successful move on behalf of P&G to expand its award-winning “Thank you, Mom” campaign. Since that campaign has been so outstanding, it makes sense to build on it.

Do you think the latest installment of the “Thank you, Mom”  (“Love Over Bias”) was a good move for P&G? Would you have launched this campaign so far away from the start of the actual Olympic Games? Do you think this campaign will attract even more coverage during the Winter Olympics?If P&G asked you to be in charge of developing the next installment of “Thank you, Mom”, what cause would you champion?

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1 Response to P&G Champions ‘Love Over Bias’

  1. Lindsey Greenwood says:

    Hello Krista,

    I absolutely love this commercial, and the P&G “Thank you, Mom” campaign. What makes this campaign so strong is the storytelling element. The campaign is a prime example of using emotion to ultimately advertise a product. When I watch this commercial, I see a story or a why P&G makes their products. It makes you feel as if the company has passion and keeps you, the consumer, in mind. Originally, I don’t notice any products, and it doesn’t feel like P&G is pushing products on me, but again telling a story. It isn’t until I focus on finding the products that I do, for example the Tide laundry detergent when the mom finishes hanging up her laundry and hugs her son. I think this “Love Our Bias” campaign is a good move for P&G, and gets people talking about what is to come for the company. I am sure that P&G has more commercials to air during the 2018 Olympics that will pull at the heart strings just as much. I think that some of the future commercials will continue to be about equality and positivity. Equality among sexes, equality among races, and equality among social classes. I can’t wait to see the future of the campaign.

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