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Adding Up Social Media Success

Social media has become the primary tool for many PR practitioners and marketers. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer access to millions of users at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertisement placements. When using social media … Continue reading

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Getting Your Company PR Ready

Every business owner dreams of getting enough publicity to make his or her brand the front runner in customers’ minds. However, there a few steps that a business must complete before hiring a professional (or outside agency) to make this … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Writing a Pitch People will Read

It is safe to say one of the biggest nightmares of young PR professionals is summed up in one word: pitch. We know our product or service is interesting and would serve the needs of a population, but it can … Continue reading

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Can a Corn Puff be Racist?

Kellogg’s is in hot water after a Twitter user noticed a small but upsetting detail on the back of his son’s cereal box. Saladin Ahmed noticed that among the many yellow corn puff characters on the box, there was a … Continue reading

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Brand Missing Egg-posure

When a brand is mentioned along side a pop culture icon, it’s a marketing dream come true. Global exposure without having to spend a dime? Jackpot. But what a brand says next can make or break its capitalization campaign. In 2016, Eggo … Continue reading

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Capitalizing on Conspiracy: Decoding Mr. Robot

Since its inception in 2015, USA Network’s Mr. Robot has grown to fill more than its weekly hour time slot, at least in the lives of its biggest fans. By breaking the mold of traditional TV show promotion, Mr. Robot … Continue reading

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Voice Devices Channel PR/Marketing Messages

As the digital marketing and public relations space becomes more and more saturated, communication specialists are looking for innovative tactics to reach customers in an impactful way. This has been true from the invention of radio to the dawn of … Continue reading

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Nashville PR Firm Forced to Face the Music

In the midst of several sexual harassment and assault allegations in Hollywood, a notable Nashville-based public relations firm has fallen from grace. Webster PR, known for its impressive roster of country music stars, lost several accounts after CEO and president … Continue reading

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P&G Champions ‘Love Over Bias’

Olympics sponsor, Proctor and Gamble, expanded its successful campaign: “Thank you, Mom”  to “Love Over Bias.” Here is the short film developed for for the 2018 Winter Olympics: Even though the Winter Olympics is still a few months away, this campaign has already … Continue reading

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Top PR Disasters of 2017 … So Far

  2017 has been a year filled with controversy, corporate gaffes, and tone-deaf advertisements. Let’s take a look at the top three public relations disasters of 2017…so far. 3. Pepsi Superbowl Ad with Kendall Jenner Easily one of the most … Continue reading

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