Vine Camera App Now Clicks

Vine, the six-second looping video sharing app, was once considered a dying media. The app, which was launched in 2012 and is owned by Twitter, declined in popularity with the rise of video features on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

However, instead of completely shutting down the app, Twitter chose to keep Vine as a camera app. The green logo has now turned to black and the once trending app has been rejuvenated and renamed to Vine Camera.

The same video features are offered but the look and feel of the app has been altered. The original app that generated a community for millions of users will no longer feature watching videos on newsfeeds, liking, commenting or “revining” users’ videos.

Launched on January 17, 2017, the Vine Camera app still allows users to film and create six-second videos, but the sharing capabilities have changed. After filming and editing videos, users may either save the video to their camera roll or post it directly to their Twitter account.

The new version of the free app currently has many mixed reviews and a mere 1.5/5 star rating on Apple’s iTunes app store.

With the new Vine Camera app comes many unhappy and critical original Vine users who believe that the integrity of the app has been compromised. Some did not even create videos but simply enjoyed using the app to watch other users’ footage. For example, here is a Tweet from a disgruntled Vine fan:

Many people even rose to popularity through the original Vine app, becoming “Vine famous” because of their short, creative six-second looping videos, and now might lose their following.

But what does this mean for public relations and marketing professionals?

Public relations pros often use multiple social media platforms to build a brand and generate awareness for their clients. However, there are video features including live videos that are already available for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook users.

Blake Mills, owner of Bridal by Blake Patricia, a marketing consulting company for wedding professionals, uses many social media platforms when working for her multiple clients.

Mills mentioned that she is usually open to trying new forms of social media in order to provide the best services to her clients.

“I like to keep my eye on new marketing platforms because as a marketing specialist I should always be on top of the new platforms and trends to provide value to my clients,” Mills said.

When asked about the Vine Camera app, Mills said that she does not see herself using it.

“I do not think that Vine Camera will be any different or better than Boomerang, Snapchat, Instagram stories or any other iPhone camera apps because they took away the social sharing aspect of the app,” Mills said. She added, “I do not think that I would use this app personally or professionally … if there is not a way for my clients to directly benefit from this app then I won’t waste their time.”

I don’t think that Mills is alone in her skepticism. Personally, I will be watching to see if others adopt this app and use it for public relations purposes even though the engagement aspects have now disappeared.

Will you try the new Vine Camera app? Do you think public relations and marketing professionals will be willing to adopt this updated platform?

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