Talking Up Snapchat

PR Lab special guest lecturer, Scott Pansky of Allison + Partners discussed the merits of Snapchat. Snapchat is a mobile social media app that allows users to share images that self-destruct after a maximum of 10 seconds. The app also allows users to post snaps that will last 24 hours from the posting time stamp.

I think Snapchat is the best social media invented thus far. Social media users are more conscious than ever of what they post and how they want themselves represented online. This hyper awareness of a digital life has been fully realized and has changed the conversation on social media permanently.

We no longer see open and honest social media posting that some Millennials remember before we were concerned about what potential employers might find on our social media networks.

I think that this self-censorship has ruined the authenticity that social media once had. Yet Snapchat has successfully brought that back. Snapchat eliminates the possibility of an employer finding a risqué post because if they don’t catch it in first 24 hours or receive the message directly there are no repercussions.

Of course, the snaps never truly go away and some criminals have been caught by posting on Snapchat. Snapchat in its terms of service agreement agrees that it will work with law enforcement officials to produce snaps that may prove illegal activity.

However I still appreciate Snapchat for bringing authenticity back to the social media space by removing the necessity for self-censorship.

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Major brands have been jumping on Snapchat to take advantage of this dimension as a way to connect with their audiences. Some of these brands include: Taco Bell, GrubHub, HBO, USA Today, Audi and many, many more.

Do you think Snapchat is the next big social media platform? Do you think Snapchat’s lack of demographic data hurts the company? How do you think brands should use Snapchat?

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