Social Media Flex Power in Brussels Terror

ISIS has taken responsibility for a series of bombings in Brussels, Belgium that occurred on Tuesday, March 22. The attacks at the Brussels Airport and at a nearby metro station are rumored to have killed more than 30 people and injured more than 200. Despite the tragic nature of these events, the way that the airport and other authorities reacted to the attacks via social media are a lesson in crisis communication done right.

The airport tweeted about the explosions soon after they happened, telling followers to avoid the area and to call a specific phone number for information to check on friends, family, and loved ones who were at the airport at the time of the attack.



In addition to the airport’s tweets, Brussels’ crisis center, its police forces, transport company Eurostar and Belgium’s prime minister are among those utilizing social media to spread awareness of new information regarding these events. There has also been an outpouring of support from social media users worldwide in the form of photos, hashtags and prayers.

Despite the tragedy, they have demonstrated the power of good crisis communication. Did you turn to social media when you found out about the Brussels attacks? Do you think that Twitter specifically has had a positive or negative impact on how we experience major news events?

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