Snapchat’s Guerilla Metrics

Fact: Snapchat is the most used social media network in the 12-24 age bracket, according to Edison Research’s 2016 Infinite Dial.

That means if you’re targeting Millennials and beyond then you too, are using Snapchat.

Unlike other social media platforms where analytics are easily accessed and measured, Snapchat provides close to zero meaningful measurements. But if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Shift Communications approaches this problem with three beat-around-the-bush solutions.

  1. Views. Every Snapchat story gives the original poster a view count. For those unaware of Snapchat’s platform model – every post has a 24-hour lifespan. So in addition to having an idea of how many followers are watching your story, you can also establish which days your snap stories are most watched.
  2. Screenshots. Snapchat allows you to know how many followers screenshot your snap. More screenshots mean a higher engagement with your brand. People are seeing and choosing to save your content. Shift Communications suggests encouraging users to screenshot stories to vote for favorite products.
    1. Taco Bell recently posted a Snapchat story as an interactive who-done-it Murder Mystery. Followers were encouraged to screenshot who they felt was the culprit who ate a co-worker’s Taco Bell lunch.
  3. Utilize unique codes. It’s all too common for influencers to post unique promo codes on their social media as a tracking metric. Another way to measure Snapchat engagement is to incorporate exclusive promotional codes on products. How many people input that code and purchase from that company due to Snapchat will add to meaningful metrics.
Exclusive promo codes used by GrubHub on Snapchat

Exclusive promo codes used by GrubHub on Snapchat. Via Industry Shorty Awards.

Snapchat’s evolving business model and new features highlight a more mature social media platform. The audience is younger and the opportunities endless.

Being so different from other social media platforms gives Snapchat users considerable creative freedom to figure out how to engage with their audience. Public relations calls for creative storytelling in a medium to which your audience will pay attention.

Snapchat adds to the ranks of other top storytelling platforms. Measuring those stories just requires more effort than most.

How would you measure Snapchat? In what ways do you feel it could be used to promote your client?

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